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incredibeard Q&A: MR. INCREDIBEARD

Someone once said “a man without a beard is just like any other woman and child”. Isaiah Webb, aka Incredibeard has embraced this notion and has taken his beard to a whole new level. The San Francisco native has gained viral fame online from Instagram to Reddit over the past year showcasing his creative beard designs via various social media outlets.  In ancient times the beard existed as a means of survival by keeping the face warm during long wintery hunting expeditions. Now that we don’t have to hunt to survive, Incredibeard has evolved the beard and re-purposed it as a means of survival in the 21st century by turning it into a money maker and a brand in this capitalistic economy.

s.o.t.r.- Can you name a few of your top beard styles, the ones your most proud of?

My absolute favorite design is Beardception: Beard in a Beard. Other designs I really like are the Beardiator and the Celestial Lotus Beard.

incredibeard Q&A: MR. INCREDIBEARD

 s.o.t.r.- In the past pro athletes have insured various body parts, and its been said that David Lee Roth bought insurance for his own sperm to protect against backstage mishaps, have you ever pondered the thought of insuring your beard?

Of course! Rihanna has her legs insured for $1M, why can’t I have my beard insured for just as much? ;)

s.o.t.r.- As far as merch goes, have you ever considered an Incredibeard action figure? It could come with beard wax and fans could style your beard themselves, good or bad idea?

That might actually be the one type of merch I’ve never considered. I think I would feel very strange selling little figurines that look like me, so maybe not such a great idea.

s.o.t.r.- You’ve once said that you love your beard but it hates you. We obviously know the ‘pros’ of your beard, what are some of the ‘cons’ of having so much facial hair?

Constantly getting liquids and some foods stuck on the sides of mustache. Also, having to braid my beard each night before bed can be tedious.


s.o.t.r.- Do you think your beard makes ZZ top jealous?

I doubt it, he’s probably rolling around in money right now, haha!

s.o.t.r.- You recently did a commercial for Honda, props by the way! Whats up with this Skittles commercial  is that you, or just an impostor?

Thank you! I wish that was me, but unfortunately it’s not, that’s a pretty freakin awesome commercial!

s.o.t.r.- Do you ever go out in public sporting your awesome beard designs?

Most certainly do! It’s always a fun experience when everyone stares or gives me funny looks!

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