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New York Artist Nate Lowman is putting his own spin on the classic Converse All Star Chuck Taylor!  The iconic All Star Chuck Taylor sneaker has been around since 1917 and it’s nostalgic and iconic style has been basically the same since Converse put it on the market!  The star on the inner ankle has become universally recognizable, even my decrepit grandmother (bless her heart) can identify a pair of hi-top chucks and Lowman himself says he’s been a lover of all stars since 1986!

Nate’s idea was to combine the old school, vintage look of the All Star Chuck Taylor with another classic American icon, Marilyn Monroe. Lowman used a print of his updated interpretation of WIllem de Kooning’s 1954 portrait of the famed Marilyn Monroe to create a fresh and one-of-a-kind look!

There are twenty-one different, extremely limited edition iterations in Nate Lowman’s “Just One Eye” collection and only one will be reproduced and sold to the public!  If you’re interested in picking up a super rare, limited edition All Star Chuck Taylor featuring the illustrious pop icon Marilyn Monroe, swing by justoneeye.com and sign up to receive an email to inform you when the kicks are available!!

Now when director Joe Pytka (best known for his involvement in music videos starring Michael Jackson and The Beatles) caught wind of the arrangement between Converse and Nate Lowman he HAD to get in on the fun.   Pytka and Lowman decided to collaborate to create a provocative short film based on the “Just One Eye” collection.  Check out the Just One Eye page below for more info.

Just One Eye Lowman page

This post is sponsored by “Just One Eye”

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