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Introducing… The New Mercedes Benz E-Class!  If you’re looking for a new vehicle that makes a statement check out the new, intuitively designed E-Class Mercedes Benz models.  The Mercedes Benz E-Class might have the perfect luxury vehicle for you, ride in style!  The cars in the E-Class are made for those with a sporty get up and go lifestyle who want the very best in style and performance.  If you’re a frequent traveler, adventurer, or buy-in-bulk shopper the Mercedes Benz E-Class has you covered, and for those extreme sports junkies it has plenty of room for you and all your friends gear, don’t forget anything!

The people at Mercedes were awesome enough to give pro surfers Mikey Detemple, Tripoli Patterson, Lisa Meyers, and Lisa Fernando the chance to take a brand new E-Class Benz out for a test drive!  Of course these surfers made the best of this opportunity and took off on 100+ mile trip from their homes in New York City to the sunny, surf-friendly beaches of Montauk, New York to shred some waves!  People say that, right?  “Shred some waves”?  As a disclaimer the majority of my surfing knowledge comes from my repeated viewings of Johnny Tsunami in the late 90s.  Regardless, after watching this video I became more than a little bit jealous, especially now since it’s early December and the bay area is already in the throes of winter…  Luckily these beautifully made vehicles are constructed with you in mind, designed to carry whatever you need, wherever you need it!  So whether you’re grabbing your bathing suit and scuba gear or your trusty toboggan and alpine scaling equipment you’ll be covered with a new E-Class Mercedes Benz!  Be sure to visit mbusa.com and test drive one today!

This post is sponsored by Mercedes.

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