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Are you hungry?  Maybe you are.  Me?  To be honest, I could eat.  But one thing that bothers me is when people confuse regular hunger with the woeful calamity known as (pause for dramatic effect) the munchies.  The munchies are a terrible thing to have.  I know, I’ve been there.  Hell, I had the munchies just this morning before breakfast, so I can tell you firsthand about the hurt and anguish this plight causes.  Yes, that’s right.  I am typing this now as a proud munchies survivor and this is a message to those of you out there suffering who have been touched by the munchies… stay strong, and don’t you dare lose hope.

Have you ever had the munchies?  If you have, you know the struggle.  You know the crippling aches and cravings for obscure cuisine.  You know the confusion and sometimes frustration that comes with those feelings.  Well, as a man with a thirst for knowledge I took it upon myself to leaf through countless medical journals looking for a cure or at the very least some answers only to have come up with nothing. Iv’e even gone through the lengths of scheduling appointments with primary care physicians around the nation only to have been ridiculed and turned away once I explained the situation and I’ve come to realize, they just don’t care.

Honestly It’s a travesty that in this day and age modern medicine doesn’t recognize our ailment, but do you know who does?  Do you know who is really here for you?  Jack In The Box, that’s who. They have listened close and heard the incessant cries from our raspy cottonmouths and are making a valiant attempt at the eradication of this terrible affliction from the world with a new combo tailored specifically for us, the proud munchie stricken populace.  Introducing the New Jack In The Box Munchie Meal!  This munchie cure is available for a mere $6 plus tax, head to your local Jack In The Box and pick one up today!

This post is sponsored by Jack In The Box.


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