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Intel, a company that has been called one of the most innovative in computer engineering of all time, is doing a collaboration with the up and coming, and award winning beat producer Flume in celebration of their 45th anniversary!

Intel has become a household brand since they were founded in sunny Santa Clara, CA  in 1968. Ever since their invention of the single chip microprocessor Intel’s influence on the betterment of the electronics industry has been undeniable, although often times people forget how much they have contributed to the current state of technology since the majority of  their work is internal.

Little do they know Intel’s impact on the gadgets we use on a daily basis is now stronger than it has ever been before!  These days you would be hard pressed to find a computer company that hasn’t made use of Intel components.  The people at Intel are determined to let the world know that their expertise doesn’t just end with personal computers, laptops and smartphones, but it extends to newer markets like tablets as well!

Flume, with the assistance of some tablets driven by state of the art Intel processors (and a robot or two) has created an awesome project called “Intelligent Sounds” which went live on September 26th and can be seen in the video above.  The end product of their collaboration turned out amazingly well, this is not just your usual run of the mill tech ad.  Intel wanted a unique and clever way to show off what their processors were really capable of so they challenged Flume to make a full electronic track using only their tablets.  After enjoying “Intelligent Sounds” above, take a look at all the action that went on behind the scenes here!

This post is sponsored by Intel.

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