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The American Cancer Society is celebrating its 100th year anniversary!  That means for an entire century the American Cancer Society has been doing their best to change the meaning of being diagnosed with cancer!  It’s incredible, when at one point a cancer diagnosis meant a death sentence, now thanks to the American Cancer Society (and physicians everywhere, of course) hope is alive!   While It’s important to remember that cancer remains an ever present risk, the wonderful people at the American Cancer Society have helped the world come leaps and bounds ahead of where we once were in terms of a solution.

The American Cancer Society has been putting in work tirelessly since May 22, 1913 to try and better the odds of those diagnosed.  They have been working hard to better lives of cancer patients worldwide and they can happily report that today we are at a point where 2 out of 3 people diagnosed with cancer live to celebrate more birthdays!   This is fantastic news because  many of us have had friends and relatives affected by this disease.  I personally have benefited from the work done by the American Cancer Society as several people in my life have met this affliction including my own mother back in 1994. (don’t worry, she’s alright)

 The ACS has made it clear that 2 out of 3 cancer survivors just isn’t enough, it’s time to change the statistics to 3 out of 3. It’s time to finish the fight! Join the cause and donate here.

This post is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

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