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I had my first Klondike Bar as a child.  I remember, it was a sweltering Sunday afternoon out here in the suburbs of Baton Rouge and my lovely decrepit grandmother thought I deserved a treat for being the good boy that I was.  Out of her freezer she pulled a shiny aluminum foil covered square donned with that iconic polar bear insignia and gave it to me… little did she know the cold decadent contents inside would be what would come to define my existence.

Often times people come to me and ask, “Hey Jimmy, what would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?”  I just laugh.  They don’t know, I’ve done things. Things that will no doubt haunt me for the rest of my days, all for that cold chocolaty taste of a Klondike bar.  But do I regret those things?  No.  Why would I?  Life’s good.  These days I sleep on a bed of Klondike Bars.  I pay my weekly church tithe in Klondike Bars.  My second cousin’s niece is married to a Klondike Bar!  Sure, I’ve had to make sacrifices, like I’m not proud of having to sell the family dog on craigslist for that bulk shipment (don’t judge, they were Rocky Road) but hey, I have to have priorities and cocker spaniels aren’t nearly as refreshing and delicious on a hot and sunny day.

If you share my insatiable craving for Klondike Bars check out the super funny videos above to see what others (including Alfonzo Ribero of ‘Fresh Prince’ fame) are willing to do for that simple but perfect summer treat!

This post is sponsored by Klondike.

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