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John Reuss 3
Born in Germany but now based in Denmark, John Reuss is a self-taught contemporary artist with a professional background in graphic design. He is most well-known for his Mind & Matter exhibit, which depicts the appearance of tortured humans. There is a certain darkness to the way he deconstructs his compositions. They are mostly painted in shades of gray, blue, and pink, and are the definition of abstract and twisted art. Although Reuss enjoys geometric designs and straight lines, he reveals that he likes to draw feely with pencil and charcoal before touching off the pieces with acrylics. The drawings are of multi-layered figures that represent the inner turmoil and struggle to find peace within the mind. He states that he is inspired by the life of people, and turns their thoughts into art. The disfigured body parts and odd angles are a symbol for psychology and self-struggle, and his work often deals with issues like loneliness, exile, and alienation.
John Reuss 2
John Reuss
-Kalmina Wu
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