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What does Smirnoff Ice represent to you?  Smirnoff Ice is that fruity, refreshing beverage that people love because it’s the ultimate pre-party drink!  Ice has always been a great way to start off a night and it comes in an array of tangy and tropical flavors, do yourself a favor and pick up a case tonight!

As you can see from the video above of women in their mid-20s spitting gangsta rap in mini-skirts It’s clear that this campaign is being directed a little bit more toward a female demographic.  I’m guessing this is because Smirnoff’s ad department’s noticed that for some reason society deems alcoholic beverages that aren’t bitter and brown unmanly.  Men, level with me.  After going out and drinking only beer and Jack for a couple nights, that first sip of Smirnoff Ice tastes like an animated Disney movie;  It has that taste that makes you think if only just for a moment, “Hey, maybe one day world peace is a possibility”.  But sure, we get it.  If your bros are around (or brahs/acquaintances depending on your age and location) you might be a tad wary of admitting how much you like the fruity taste of Smirnoff Ice.  Please realize no one is judging your manliness based solely upon the amount of fruity deliciousness in your alcoholic beverages.  When you think about it,  even if that were the case wouldn’t it then be more manly to drink Smirnoff to prove how secure you are with your manliness?  Boom.  Men, do the manly thing and order a Smirnoff Ice instead.  Women, do the womanly thing and continue drinking whatever you want!  Smirnoff Ice “Straight Primpin’!”

This post is sponsored by Smirnoff Ice. 

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