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okuno architect home japan

Architect Masaaaki Okuno’s Chiba, Japan home stands almost unfinished as one looks at it from the outside. A black exterior with the walls slanting inward, the house seems compact and dark. On the inside, however, Okuno proves the home to be an open-air space; various grains of wood are used throughout and an atrium brightens the space with plenty of natural light. Sliding glass doors surround the atrium and provide an appreciated juxtaposition to the angled walls, allowing the slanted foundation to add to the open-space feel of the home. Within the atrium grows a tree, giving the beauty of nature an integral role in the house.

architects house in kamogawa japan3w DESIGN: MASAAKI OKUNOS HOME

architects-house-in-kamogawa-japan 234

architects-house-in-kamogawa-japan 034

architecture okuno-architects-house-in-kamogawa-japan 24e
–Layla Halabian

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