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Hey, what are you doing?  You should be watching the awesome new online reality series @SummerBreak!  Seriously!  This new web show features a group of real high school seniors spending their last summer together before they finally go their separate ways.  The internet is in love with this show because its focus is on this group of kids who truly are just trying to have fun by making their last weeks together as memorable as possible and by living life to the fullest!

You can catch episodes of @SummerBreak on their YouTube channel (a new episode comes out every day!!) and watch the real life drama unfold!  Usually my gripe with reality television usually is that there are so many shows and the majority of them just consist of pampered stars and actors, it’s often clear that they’re trying to push an illusion of authenticity.  What I enjoy about watching @SummerBreak is that everything is filmed raw and every line is unscripted!   As you watch @SummerBreak its clear to see that these are real people with real problems and they’re just trying to get through life and make every minute count!  This first episode above features some crazy scuba diving and a ballerific @SummerBreak style campsite edition of Cribs, check it out!

If you find yourself between episodes with a craving for more @SummerBreak be sure to check the official @SummerBreak social media pages on Twitter and Tumblr, there you can keep up with the happenings of your favorite characters!

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