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lee barry art0e343

Lee Barry’s Elevations & Aerials is a natively digital series, generated from randomly selected images from his own collection of digital photographs, reduced to a pixelated appearance, then vectorized. The images take on an architectural quality that can be viewed as an elevation or aerial view of a structure or area of land. The works do not exist in any fixed format or size and are defined dimensionally by ratio only, and can be displayed large or small, depending the the exhibit area.

“Masdar Strip”, with its ultra-wide angle view, posits a view of quarter mile of illuminated buildings along a boulevard as if seeing it at a distance, suggesting a vibrant city lit up with signage. The title is drawn from the planned city, Masdar in the UAE. If the city had a Strip, this is how it might look from a mile away in the desert. The light box display is in itself a Sign and the appropriate frame for the content.


lee barry art-4oee

lee barry art940rer

lee barry art-04443

lee barry art93434

lee barry art94345r

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