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It may have been a year since you’ve seen Lee Koch crooning on national TV, but his new album Whole Heart—set to release on August 27th 2013—will re-confirm that he’s an artist to keep on your radar.

Lee Koch grew up in Southern California, where his love of Motown and 60’s rock tunes led him to experiment, and ultimately form his own folk rock sound. In 2009, he released his debut album Same As Blood, which received favorable reviews. He soon formed a niche in Ventura, where his performances garnered such attention, including that of a friend in the music industry, that led to his opportunity in 2012 to appear in NBC’s The Voice, during which he received praiseworthy comments and support from its renown coaches.

His appropriately-dubbed second release Whole Heart is testament to both his undeniable talent and dedication to his vision. Fusing genres like folk, blues, and Americana with his personal, soulful lyrics, it’s an album that takes listeners on a heartfelt journey. Through themes of love, faith, and struggle that highlight depth of emotion, the artist showcases his candid yet loving, unpretentious personality.

“Journey To Unfold” starts off with an optimistic harmonica-tinged invitation to explore and trust in the future, as “Trusty Branch” channels a whistle-friendly romantic vibe. Monetary struggles are tackled in the soulful, lyrically-inventive “Being Broke”, while “Shining On Me” denotes inspiring humility and faith in God. The narrative-like “Gun & Blessing” underlines the importance of actions and honesty while the beautifully dreamy sound of “Precious Gift” makes a moving ode to marriage that is sure to tug at heartstrings. The ukulele of “Our Feature” adds a layer of playfulness to the challenges of keeping love alive, while the humorous “Celebrities” delivers a cautionary note to the materially-inclined. “Sweet Release” packs rockin’ attitude before closing off on a catchy, positive note with “Keepin’ On.”

With a set of well-crafted, infectious songs that diffuse relatable messages, Whole Heart is essentially uplifting and downright irresistible. “I won’t be content unless my life’s well spent,” he sings in “Shining On Me.” And it looks like he’s well on his way to doing just that.

-Natacha Pavlov

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