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Sun K. Kwak  tape art

Sun K. Kwak:  Thinking Outside the Tool Box

What do you do when you find your path is blocked?  You find another way to reach your destination.  Artist Sun K. Kwak began her artistic career as a painter but found that this medium was not allowing her to fully express herself artistically.  So she turned to masking tape, a tool not traditionally used in art.  But Kwak demonstrates how much one can accomplish using such a basic medium in her work titled Enfolding 280 Hours.  The title reflects the amount of time required to install this piece.  Looking at the work from a distance, the viewer may not even realize that masking tape is featured, the effect is so well rendered by Kwak.  Can an artist paint with tape?  Kwak demonstrates that the answer is a resounding yes.

Sun K. Kwak  tape art 3

Sun K. Kwak  tape art 434

-Sara Debord


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