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The San Zhi resort in Taiwan looked more like a set on Resident Evil than an abandoned resort. The former “resort” consisted of various pod houses built in the Futuro style made popular in Taiwan. These futuristic pods were built on top of each other to create more space and attract foreign visitors and soldiers. Construction began in the late seventies, but was brought to a halt due to a series of unexplained tragic accidents. By 1980, the project was abandoned and the place became a futuristic ghost town.

The site’s unique architecture drew attention from tourists, movie and television producers, and various online communities. The former resort now resembled an abandoned modern day dystopia.  In 2008, the government’s decision to demolish the buildings led to petitions requesting that the pods be preserved. Unfortunately, the government ignored such demands and destroyed the entire site in 2010.

san zhi resort abandoned

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san zhi resort abandoned 9043

san zhi resort abandoned 93434

san zhi resort abandonedw

-Nicole Santiago

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