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June’s nearly over… that means Pacific Rim is almost here! If you’re like me (a recluse) you’ve probably been excitedly keeping up with the flood of Pacific Rim info ever since the film was initially announced.  For those of you that are wondering why people are all worked up about the new Guillermo del Toro flick, the answer is simple.  Robots.  Giant robots with a splash of extraterrestrial flavor to be exact, everything a good Summer blockbuster needs. Robots are something the movie going populous truly enjoys and sure, yeah we’ve been burned before, but overall I’d argue that nearly every film can benefit from a bit of robot vs alien carnage.  For example lets take a look at Sophie’s Choice, a truly amazing, moving historical drama and cinematographic masterpiece, but let’s for a moment consider if perhaps Meryl Streep did the entire performance from the inside of a stylized gundam-like bodysuit, guaranteed box office success and I’m not even a professional screenwriter.

So far what we know about the Pacific Rim universe is that the world has become a dystopian society and skyscraper-sized aliens are attacking the earth, threatening human survival.  To combat the gargantuan otherworldly monsters, the people of earth have constructed an array of single man piloted robotic suits that rival the massive aliens in size, resulting crazy fight scenes and juicy computer generated violence.  To find out more about Pacific Rim check out the sneak peak above, brought to you by Qualcomm Snapdragon!   Keep up with the latest on Pacific Rim and Snapdragon on Facebook here.

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