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Hipsters and non-hipsters alike, I have a question for you.  What kind of music do you listen to?  Chances are you’re a music fan, statistically I think I can assume that you enjoy listening to something whether it be Action Bronson or even some old school Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.  Well, before you grab your generic mp3 player and grace your eardrums with the sweet docile tones of “Good Vibrations”, I ask you to consider where your headphones came from.  You know, those plasticy molds that you have to be gentle with because they were crazy expensive and feel nearly disposable, not to mention they were probably shipped from a completely reputable overseas factory and were put together by well paid workers with health benefits and company cars, right?  Well maybe, but probably not.

Well, I’d like to introduce RE:PLATTAN Urbanears!  These headphones not only were put together with earth conscious recycleable materials, but with each purchase you can protect 5 more square meters of the Costa Rican rainforest!  Now to prevent being held to this, I’ll fully admit that I haven’t done a whole lot of research on the subject, but as far as I know Urbanears are the only headphones on the market that include rainforest, or any forest for that matter.  I think that alone warrants a purchase, or at least a FaceBook “like”.  Each purchase comes with a personal ID and a GPS coordinates, meaning that you can check your 5 square meters of Costa Rican forest at your leisure, check out the video above to learn more!

This post is sponsored by Urbanears.

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