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wine rack for bicycles

Nothing is worse than a having a basket on your bike. After the age of four, I threw that out.. It is really hard to look like a G with basket hanging off your bike. Baskets are for fruits, flowers and baby Moses. Not for $400 fixies. But everyone rides their bikes to Dolores or Golden Gate with the constant issue of how to safely transport their wine. As an answer to our unheard prayers, Jesse Herbert has created the “Tools for Urban Living” leather wine rack. These life-savers are made out of olive oil treated leather. They’re sold in black, brown and tan ready to match all  the APCxNIKE shoes you just dropped your paychecks on. These puppies are the Rick Owens of bike accessories.  The wine rack attaches to any 1” frame bike with brass fasteners to ensure that you don’t look like another kid with a basket. Cop these bad boys at Oopsmark, Herbert’s online shop.

wine rack for bikes

-Nicole Santiago

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