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volkswagon glass car silo 1 
In Germany, Volkswagen takes the concept of car dealerships to a whole new level – literally. Located in the city of Wolfsburg, the Autostadt is a visitor attraction that stands adjacent to a Volkswagen car factory. It includes a museum, pavilions for the automobiles, a large cinema, and a customer center where customers can pick up new cars. The idea started in 1994, and in 1998, Autostadt, which is German for “Car City” broke ground.
volkswagon glass car silo 9
One major attraction is the two 60 meter tall glass silos, called AutoTurme, that are used as storage for new Volkswagen’s. The two towers are connected to the main factory by an underground tunnel that measures over 700 meters long. If a customer purchases an automobile, they can either choose to pick it up at a local dealership or travel to Autostadt to pick it up. If the trip is chosen, the company will supply the customers with free entrance, meals, and other tour events before the final journey into the automatic elevator. The customer can then watch via a live screen as the elevator picks up the selected car from one of the silos and delivers it straight to them. Every time a car leaves the silo, a new car enters the tower and fills its place.
volkswagon glass car silo
-Kalmina Wu


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