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FABRICE LE NEZET artist sculpture 3

Angles, tension, pressure, and gravity. Collectively these all sound like variables of some elaborate science equation. If you’re not sure how Newton’s Law works or can’t remember the formula for pressure or maybe you have forgotten the measurements of geometric reasoning, don’t fret. It’s not on the quiz.

French artist by way of Great Britain, Fabrice Le Nezet found a way to combine all of these variables and solved for Yes!

Using strategic angles of colored piping bolted to heavy pieces of concrete, either hanging from the raptures to defy gravity or steadied with tension into place by pressure, science has finally become cool.

With an exhibit that’s fun yet informative, it’s easy to like and learn. You don’t have to mass times acceleration it.   (F=MA)

FABRICE LE NEZET artist sculpture 43

FABRICE LE NEZET artist sculpture w

FABRICE LE NEZET artist sculpture

-Clifton Bullock

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