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j mayer h architect rest stop

When taking long drives no matter where you are in the world rest areas have proven to be very important. Have you ever needed to just stretch your legs after being cramped in a Volkswagen for 6 hours (I’m 6’3″ and drive a Jetta. So What!) Or how about really having to relieve yourself in a clean facility versus using nature for your deposit? We’ve all been there before.

Unlike here in the US where a lot of our family rest areas have been closed due to minimal or non-existent funding, in Georgia (not the peach state but the country in Asia) that is not the case.

Scenic beauty of virile, robust mountain ranges scaling the horizon paired with these modernized cathedrals of architecture will provide refuge for travelers in a world class way. The J. Mayer H. architects groups is on a quest to upgrade and change the global standard.

With the intensions to build a score total, the current templates are an example of future excellence. Not only will they house modern restrooms and lounging areas but they will also provide informative insight for its patrons.

I wish I could partake in the experience.

rest stop j mayer h architect

rest stop j mayer h architecte

rest stop j mayer h architecte243

rest stop j mayer h architecter

-Clifton Bullock

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