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Takahiro-Komuro-sculpture 8EW4R

Step into the surreal with the sculptures of Takahiro Komuro. Blending together elements of fantasy and horror, these sculptures are both subdued and haunting, as they invoke images of the sci-fi family living next door. Monsters wearing jeans, and children wearing monster’s faces pay tribute to the ever-mutating world we live in and the art has a provocative simplicity to it. The serene expression of his subjects and their supernatural and cartoonish design inspire both a sense of wonder and a feeling of dread.

Takahiro-Komuro-sculpture 3

Takahiro-Komuro-sculpture 53

Takahiro-Komuro-sculpture 734

Takahiro-Komuro-sculpture 834

Takahiro Komuro sculpture SCULPTURE: TAKAHIRO KOMURO

Takahiro Komuro sculpture2 SCULPTURE: TAKAHIRO KOMURO


Takahiro Komuro0WER

-Vicki Syal


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