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Alessandro Lupi’s Blacklight Bodies

From dark recess often neglected, or somehow conjured scientifically in spaces all too familiar, Alessandro Lupi lends light to designs and figures to impart a of sense of the self materialized. His process is somewhat miraculous, the black light installations giving the effect of an alter-dimension experience as the forms appear vibrating from nothingness. Reminiscent of the transporter device from Star Trek, Lupi applies unconventional methods of painting to materialize from space a vivid imagery.

“Fluorescent Densities,” as named by the Genoa based artist, Lupi’s method is mostly a single color resonance upon a single string. This sounds minimalist to an extreme, but having each string integrated into a three dimensional space, rather than the two dimensional space of a painting, produces a phantasmic density. Space becomes transformed by the installations and the physicality of existence is challenged as the human figure is presented in holographic proportions. Seeing each strand containing a sequence of space in the absence of paint, and matter in the presence of paint, alludes to the special effects of the Star Trek transporter device.

Though, don’t expect the heroes of the Federation to appear suddenly and burst into action. Lupi’s subjects comprise a complacency; sitting at the table for diner or being asleep in bed don’t comment as much on sci-fi special effects as much as they illustrate ordinary and overlooked space as being capable of resonating such magic. Lupi doesn’t want to whirl his audience off to a galaxy far far away – the installations draw more from modernist design instead of being futuristic, grounding the subject in sensible representations of humanity. Visually startling, but intentionally apparent, Lupi is taking painting to a new degree and transforming ordinary space into a dynamic.

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Howard Brad Halverson


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