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Neko Sushi prints

Art lovers, food lovers and cat lovers can now hold hands and cry over the beauty of Neko Zushi prints. If you love sushi or cats, then you’re going to enjoy these pictures. And don’t worry, not cats were harmed in the making of these prints.

Tange and Nakimushi Peanuts, a Japanese company, has created for your viewing pleasure a series of prints (and a mobile app!) which feature different breeds of cats sitting atop little clouds of rice. On their backs are an assortment of weird items, from pink backpacks to lobsters. They even made a music video telling the origin story of these magical creatures…

Sushi Cats, bringing happiness and confusion to the faces of people all around the world.

Neko Zushi prints9

Neko Zushi prints9E3


-Sarah Boutwell



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