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sociable weaver dillon marsh34

Africa is home to some of the most exotic and unique creatures in the world, and the sociable weaver is no exception.  Photographer Dillon Marsh recognized this, and displayed their uniqueness in a set of incredible photos of the group nests for which the sociable weaver is known.  Taken in the Kalahari Desert outside of Upington in South Africa, Marsh’s photos contain nests built on telephone poles, some of which are large enough to house up to 100 pairs of weavers.  The immensity of the structures offers a challenging contrast to the modest nests of other species and warrants a particular level of respect for the sociable weaver, or, at very least, for nature in general.

sociable weaver dillon marsh 3

sociable weaver dillon marsh\

sociable weaver dillon marsh9wr

sociable weaver dillon marsh934

sociable weaver dillon marsh8943

-Aaron Groome

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