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Jeremy Couillard wants you to see what he sees. He wants you to experience what he experiences. He created many worlds and wants you to be a part of every one. His paintings are like security footage of futuristic scenes with elaborate color pallets. In most of them no one is there but it always seems like someone just was. Chairs are left empty but chords are plugged into the wall. Lights are on. What he creates looks like the page of an illustrated book about the future, visually describing the technological chaos that’s going on.
Couillard invites the viewer into his own introspection even further with his other worldly videos  that explore his thoughts and fantasy’s. He also has interactive installations  and paintings that involve buttons, sounds, lights, moving parts, and a tremendous amount of imagination. He’s definitely “out there”, and “out there: is definitely worth seeing.

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jeremy coulillard artist

-Kingsley Pascal


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