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I am sure many of you are at least somewhat familiar with the iconic Cornetto frozen waffle cone, personally the mint chocolate flavor has been a staple in my diet since Pre-K.  Well, believe it or not the Cornetto ice cream company is good for more than just their delicious frozen treats!  As of recently Cornetto has made the jump into the short film production business starting with their funding of an internationally shot, four part teen romance series called Cupidity!  Each of the four iterations of Cornetto’s new web series tells an individual love story starring up and coming teen actors, and what I found especially notable was Cornetto’s effort to capture the teen romantic experience around the world by shooting each part in a different major city!  As you watch Cupidity you’ll notice the vast cultural differences between cities like Los Angeles and Hong Kong but as series goes on you’ll see how we all the share that desire for love and togetherness.

Above is part one of the Cupidity series, “Kismet Diner” and it’s set in the unique borough of Brooklyn, New York City.  “Kismet Diner” is a heartwarming nine minute narrative set in a small restaurant wherein a young waitress with a beautiful singing voice goes through great lengths to get the attention of a regular customer who for whatever reason won’t give her the time of day.

If you are a fan of romantic flicks I definitely recommend giving this one a chance! If you enjoy it feel free to head to Cornetto’s YouTube page here to check out Cupidity parts 2-4!

This post is sponsored by Cornetto.

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