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You’re an artist. An artist that kills a canvas with paint. And not just any paint. Acrylics are your bullets. So if you’re looking to load your brushes with some quality Cobalt Blue and Burnt Sienna, check out this Utrecht paint set giveaway.

First off, everything in this set comes in a hand oiled wooden box with a leather handle, for easy travel. Grab and go, to class, to the park, to the cafe, and set up on site with it’s useful tilt-out canvas board holder. Choose your weapons brushes, a set of four Utrecht series 300 Taklon brushes, you wish to lay out on it’s aluminum lined brush trays. It also comes with a 8 x 10 canvas board, a plastic palette, a trowel shaped palette knife, and a double aluminum palette cup. Last, but not least, it’s equipped with 12 different 2 oz. tubes of Utrecht acrylics to help you satisfy your killer instinct to paint.

Hit the white target that is your canvas fully loaded with Artists’ Acrylic Painting set, valued at $119.


Our friends from the art blogs Scene 360 and Visual News are also running this giveaway, to enter, ‘like’ each site (including S.O.T.R.) on Facebook, or follow on Twitter (below). If your already a fan click the ‘I’m a fan” button and you will be entered as well.

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