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Kristen Schiele artist1

For Kristen Schiele, presentation is definitely part of the package when she takes to creating something that’s never been put together before. Not one to settle with a paintbrush and paper, she’s adept in both arranging images, colors, shapes and ideas into intricate shadowboxes that give a brief glimpse into stories that beg to be told but are only hinted at, as well as composing nearly to scale installations that leave the viewer no choice but to be taken to the place she intends them to be.

Her paintings dazzle as well; being mostly deconstructed versions of their respective titles: Dream catcher USA is paint splatter deflecting from an array of colored rectangles shaped like a diamond. Picnic is blue water and a patch of green grass surrounded by blurred and unidentifiable objects. Imagination is definitely a contributing factor to all that Schiele has done, and a certain amount is needed to fully appreciate what she wants the viewer to see.


Kristen Schiele artist

Kristen Schiele artist19

Kristen Schiele artist19e

Kristen Schiele artist184

-Kingsley Pascal


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