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Mark Schoening ARITST 33

Mark Schoening’s work can often be described as explosive, random, and maybe even messy. His take on our existence in the Age of Information paints a time of organized chaos, clutter, and colorful declarations. They are manifestations of our lives skillfully painted, glued, and silkscreened on panels. His latest series is an expressive 2-D show made of latex, acrylic, spray paint, silkscreen paint, resin and glitter on either panel or canvas. The use of a solid pattern in the background mixed with the Pollack-esque explosion of color in the foreground of the piece emits a kind of feeling that can only be described as calming rage.
“I do not have the luxury of escape. In this century, in the moment, few of us do. Information piles up: the advertisements, the mechanisms, the media, the people. I am attached to it, in the midst of it, a part of it. However, as a painter, I am also a witness and a reactionary,” Schoening explains of his work.

Mark Schoening ARITST 3

Mark Schoening ARITST 9

Mark Schoening ARITST 33R

Mark Schoening ARITST 39

Mark Schoening ARITST

Mark Schoening ARITSTN 94

- Kim Osment



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