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Hump the Grinder’s Hair Wars 1

Whatever Hairdo You Want:

Everything is available now. There are no more boundaries and everything is accepted. But most settle for the average and inexpressive. Others find that unacceptable for themselves, given that the possibilities are endless. And glancing over Peter Hapak’s 2010 photographs from the Detroit’s annual Hump the Grinder’s Hair Wars, its easy to grasp that there are so many places the hairdo can be taken to. Some of the hairdos are show stoppers indicating that blinged-out and heavy-duty excess is not limited to choice of dye color or length of bangs; “The Hummer,” styled by Little Willie, exhibits the literal crossover from street to scalp in epic proportions. That comical commentary is not the drawing line either, many of the hairdos are grounded in classical elegance on a souped up scale. Others point directly toward the styles of contemporary high fashion, some only a cool tricked out feature of the everyday do. The underlining concept of the diverse range Hapak was able to capture on film is that its your hair, do whatever you want.

Hump the Grinder’s Hair Wars 3

Hump the Grinder’s Hair Wars 33

Hump the Grinder’s Hair Wars 93

Hump the Grinder’s Hair Wars934

-Howard Brad Halverson

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