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Julie Evans aritst 33

Julie Evans, an artist based out of NYC, has a knack for making people take a second look at her work. Everything she creates looks as if she picked it out of a desert of forest when, in fact, she carefully constructs each piece with part of a watercolor painting done on plastic sheeting known as mylar. The colors create puddles on the paper that swirl and bubble according to how they dry. She then take those parts and creates pieces that either look completely out of this world and spacey or like a beautiful, cross-sectioned mushroom she may have found in a forest. Either way, Evans’s creations do not look human borne. This is the kind of beauty the collage world has been yearning for. They just didn’t know it until now.

julie evans aritist222


julie evans aritst1

julie evans aritst22

julie evans artist 2

- Kim Osment


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