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flying cat orivillecopter bar jansen

I’ve heard people say that there is beauty in death. The struggle of life and all of its heartbreak jaundiced with a fury of denial and pessimisms. What about death turned into living art?

Dutch artist Bart Jansen took the reality of his pet’s death (of natural causes. Well kinda but-no need for PETA to protest) and brought it to new life. Talk about nine (9) lives. Orville, his name before the posthumous fame has awakened and propelled himself in style within one of Amsterdam’s confined verandas. I mean propelled literally. Now Orville, The Flying Cat he has been granted a rebirth being including being exhibited within constant gallery’s artistry. Embalmed for staying power, Orville has reached new heights and is giving new life to a new form of art and to me it’s… purrrfect!

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bart jansen flying cat art

flying cat helicopter orville art


-Clifton Bullock

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