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ben bunch artist2

You remember the 80s, the decade known for its styles, the fads, and cult culture glory relevant to the generation? How about the color schemes and the designs? Black and white polka dots, zebra stripes, even the first time that neon colors highlighted by soft grays were infused into the forefront of pop culture. The signs of that time are very distinctive and quiet as kept are on the verge of a comeback.  Just ask New Yorker Ben Bunch.

ben bunch artist 329
He has taken the experience that I had as a kid, borrowing 10 dollars from my moms and pops to go to the arcade, the section of the mall with epileptic lights and deafening noises to identify a special portrayal of his hand crafted ensembles.

ben bunch artist 3934
Didn’t think it was art back then did you? It was a part of the everyday norm. Well now that most of the fads have faded, the rule is now an exception. Ben has taken the shapes and colors of the 80s and given you standing pieces of 3 dimensional throw back chef d’oeuvres.
Youngsters think they are being original.  Ha! Enjoy.


-Clifton Bullock

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