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david byrne playing the building

Imagine the ability to orchestrate the random noises of your intimate abode and have the ear to listen. When the wind blows and you hear the creaks and cracks that sound like audible blemishes or the hollow quake in the undertow of the hardwood floor when you walk in a common place. Imagine all of these things are at your control blending together to make musical expression.

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Color coded cable connections sending controlled energy allowing you to play the treble clef scale within the pipes attached to the hot water furnace and other components. Something finally clicked and Scottish born musician David Bryne created his music to be discernible art. Since David constructed the method that brings breath to an environmental domain, it appears that he learned to “play by the house rules.” House music is always fun but even better when you can see what makes the sounds sound .

-Clifton Bullock

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