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David Mramor artist 2

Unlike many who work with paints, a printed canvas is only the beginning of a peace by David Mramor.  Frequenting thick strokes and adept in more than one tool, Mramor tosses acrylics, pencil, oils; not even afraid to use spray paint in order to craft these wonderfully bizarre paintings that  resemble uncovered artifacts, each one unique with it’s own surrounding mystery. Using a simple yet intricate attention to detail, Mramor shows  only what he wants the viewer to see, carefully placing each stroke on top of an already printed canvas, showing some of it, masking the rest,  and always leaving them longing for more. There is truly something behind every stroke.

David Mramor aritst3334 David Mramor ARTIST

David Mramor artist-3

David Mramor ARTISTr

David Mramor aritst334

-Kingsley Pascal

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