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Brooklyn artist Eduouard Nardon isn’t afraid of being confrontational. In fact, he probably likes it. His dramatic art pieces are both aggressive and poetic. There is something about a tube sock or garbage bag wrapped tightly around a crude tool –a shank, if you will— that speaks of a desperate time found in all the rage.

The strength –and I don’t mean to pun here— of his piece entitled The Temptations (Let’s Get it On) lies in the Renaissance inspired technique coupled with the totally modern and possibly obscene use of urine on the paper. It embodies strength at its very carnal level: the homoeroticism, bulging muscles, testosterone and grimaced faces. With the territory now claimed, the alpha male in the picture can now conquer his friend and/or lover.

Nardon gets particularly elegiac with 50% Poetic Lover and 50% Porn Star by reducing a person to their bare bones. It’s soft, melancholic and stunning to say the least. The somewhat crude reference to pornographic connotations when referencing the industry are lost here in reverence of what true romanticism is.

Whether or not he creates a shank masterpiece or has razors staring you do, Nardon clearly has some muscle he would like you to see.

EDOUARD NARDON  artists.ejpg


By Sarah MacDonald

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