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bertozzi&casoni  CERAMICS

Two is better than one. This fundamental theme has been the cornerstone to the success of Giampaolo Bertozzi & Stefano Dal Monte Casoni, two Italians who were at one time classmates at a ceramic art school that then partnered up after graduation. Their partnership and passion for Ceramics has allowed them to create art with exquisite realism, accompanied with a riot of colors and glazes. There is unpredictability in their work, a true testament to a partnership with includes two styles of thinking. One of the most delightful aspects to their ceramic art is their ability to generate real life looking animals such as gorillas, dear and fish. Each animal and figure conveys a story, some of which generate surprise and wonder. Bertozzi and Casoni work together seamlessly to bring forth storytelling and ceramic work of art to life.

bertozzi-casoni ART

bertozzi-casoni ARTE

bertozzi-casoni ARTER

-Shawn Callagan


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