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How do you prepare for a job interview?  Is there a certain outfit you wear?  I mean you want to look professional, but you don’t want to overdo it, right?  You don’t want to be that guy who shows up to the Staples interview in loafers and a 3-piece suit.  I say, go in with confidence. Even false confidence. You can do this job, so what if you only have barista experience and you used a free online resume builder to put your work history together.  You don’t need them.  You know what, they should feel lucky for getting the opportunity to hire you!  Do you even want to be their employee?  You should be interviewing them!

Well, a little earlier this year Heineken was in search of an intern for their Event and Sponsorship department and they decided to scrap the traditional job interview format.  Heineken flew a handful of the 1,734 applicants to Amsterdam to perform three bizarre and awkward challenges.  While these challenges were being performed Heineken secretly recorded the interviewees behind-the-scenes, and thus the show “The Candidate” was born!  Who will qualify for the prestigious Heineken internship?  To be honest I already know, but of course if I just told you that ****** ****** won you might not watch the video.  Which you should.  It’s pretty great, I wouldn’t want to ruin it.  Check out The Candidate above!

This post is sponsored by Heineken


-David Clarke-McKoy

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