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MUSIC: Implodes’ Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream implodes

Heavy, mesmerizing, and almost darkly ethereal, the music of Chicago-hailing band Implodes enthralls the listener in the way only experimental rock can. The band’s droning and psychedelic progressions heighten from simplistic noise all the way into a dripping, processed, and synthesized sound. The second album on Implodes’ resume, Recurring Dream opens with a textured and sinister track entitled “Wendy 2”, which expertly builds and sets the pace for the rest of the album.

Fans of bands like Mogwai, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and maybe even My Bloody Valentine will find a similar niche in Recurring Dream. Imagine driving yourself home at 3am surrounded by mist and fog with Implodes’ album on your stereo. It works. It even makes a lot of sense. This is the kind of music you can get lost in thought while listening to. There are no distracting elements despite all its natural dissonance. Even Implodes’ vocals reflect their intuitive progression and buildup: they subtract nothing from the overall sound. In fact, the atmospheric vocals add yet another layer to an already intricate yet accessible album.

The eighth track entitled “Dream Mirror” presents Recurring Dream’s hallmark buildup in a concise yet appropriate two minutes and 14 seconds, while the next track “Melted Candle” releases this suspense into a dark and murky rush of synth and drone. Implodes’ dreary but polished sound makes them a difficult band to ignore. Psychedelic, foreboding, and infatuating, Recurring Dream presents the music world with something that’s not entirely new and unfounded, but something that is still uniquely meticulous and genuine.

by Danielle Martin

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