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D'metrius Rice artist 329

For the objects created in most of the paintings by D’metrius Rice; there’s little room to breath. At first glance it appears to be a bit chaotic, a jumbled mess of colors juxtaposed together with an uncertain truth for what exactly their purpose is, or if they even have one. A closer look however, reveals that these colors, lines and shapes are actually tiny little scenes, one after another appearing almost like ideas, separate thoughts that make up the entierety of his pieces, which are as creatively titled as they are composed: mass txt, ambient pyramid(analog delay), occupy white shadow. What he compiles in each are possibly what they(the title’s) mean to him. He shows but never tells, uses drawings and not words.

D'metrius Rice art 333

D'metrius Rice artist 22

D'metrius Rice artist 990

D'metrius Rice art 33E3

D'metrius Rice artist 99E0

-Kingsley Pascal


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