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Bela Borsodi  FACES ARTIST13

Bela Borsodi Face visuals

Using only a black background, Bela Borsodi challenges what it really is that the eye perceives by folding articles of clothing in such a way that they are unmistakeable; as faces. These “Fashion Faces” are made from single articles of clothing: a jacket, a shirt, a tank top; even the everyday blue jean is transformed without the use of cutting, sewing, or added color patterns,  just folds. Borsodi, renowned for his still life photography, captures something extraordinary in simple pieces of fabric, inanimate and nonliving, but there is still life.

Bela-Borsodi ARTIST FACES333

Bela-Borsodi ART

Bela Borsodi  ARTIST FACES2

Bela-Borsodi ARTI34E

-Kingsley Pascal

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