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las vegas music scene

If you were to ask the average person about the underground music scene in Las Vegas, they would probably quote you several of the area’s top rap orR&B artists.  While it is true that Vegas has great acts in those genres, it is also true that the area has a great underground rock culture.  Let’stake a quick look at some of the best underground rock bands in the area as
well as one of the only clubs in the city where you can rock out to underground tunes.

If you are looking for Armageddon-fueled jams similar to those put out by Tool and other groups, then you want to check out Mycrodot.  The hard rock group based in Vegas has a sound that is classified as very foreboding.  Their single “Eternal Youth” is among their best and a great way to become exposed to the group.

Those that like the styles of Prong and Rob Zombie will want to check out Systemec.  Their sound is more along the lines of a heavy industrial sound and one that many describe as being heady.  One of their more popular tracks entitled Skywind uses a somewhat mechanized sound and the lyrics are very clever.

Another hard rock group worth checking out in Vegas is known for their sense of urgency in their songs.  Down The Boulevard has been performing around Vegas for a few years now their 2010 track Alibis is a great example of the near frantic style they use for their music.

Now if you are looking for a spot to check out some of the best underground groups in Vegas, you destination should be Obsession Afterhours.  Just a short drive from the strip on Russel Rd, the penthouse of this venue rocks from Thursday through Saturday.  Even better, the party doesn’t get started until 2 a.m. so you can check out some of the other venues in town before coming here.  DJ Brian Hart is our host and is always spinning the best underground tracks from the area.  Obsession is one of the only clubs that you will find in the city that focuses on the underground scene.

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