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sonia rentsch artist weapon 2es

Clichés say what you want need to say by confirming what others have said before and depending on the circumstance they can be fun. They also prove to be universal with these points proven by Melbourne Australian designer Sonia Rentsch. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”, or “all’s fair in love and war.”
These rhetorical statements come to life when Sonia constructed tools of weaponry from nature’s least destructive material. The barrel, the munitions, the handle all provide a natural a sort of herbal essence to a world usually cold as steel.

She also brings another cliché to life to complete her reform on firearms but the most cleaver of all and that is  her “bark is work than her bite.”

Pow! Bang! Boom!

sonia rentsch artist weapon 2s

sonia rentsch artist weapons

-Clifton Bullock


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