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casey turner no stress express album

If the idea of sandy beaches and warm weather sound like an ideal escape, No Stress Express is the train you’ll want to get on.

It seems fair to say that singer-songwriter and guitarist Casey Turner seems a man of many faces. Originally from the East Coast, he formed punk rock band Liquid Image whose significant fan base led to touring, radio play, and TV appearances. His educational pursuits were just as rewarding, thanks to his engineering background that earned him a spot as a NASA scientist. With a relocation to San Diego came a new artistic exploration, the fruits of which culminated in his first album No Stress Express. Featuring the use of acoustic guitar, ukulele, pedal steel, percussion, and drums to his alluring set of pipes, the album diffuses an acoustic rock sound with a laid-back island feel.

The album kicks off with the beach-friendly, ukulele-tinged “Never Want To Go Home,” followed by the acoustic jam “Summertime.” The laid-back “This I Already Know” tackles varying views of relationships, life and love, while the catchy “Pipe Dream” delivers a rockin’ bittersweet outlook on the pursuit of dreams.

“These Old Shoes” is an upbeat invitation to escape, as “More Than Gold” diffuses the quintessential island vibe, tackling love, self-trust, and the need to enjoy life in the here and now. “Back To You” closes off on a relaxing, mellow note, its six-minute duration a fitting parallel to its no-rush feel, as a chorus fades out to the sounds of ocean waves.

With well-crafted and lyrically developed tunes, No Stress Express is inarguably easy on the ears. “If all we have to lose is time, I hope we stay lost forever,” he croons in “Back To You.” In many ways, when living in a fast-paced, often chaotic world, the line resonates all too much.

-Natacha Pavlov

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