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alan sailer artist2

I have to admit that when I first laid eyes on this these mangled pieces of some of my favorite childhood figures it scared me. The eyes of the Chucky look-alike doll made me quiver and the insides of the Mr. Potato Head made me cringe.

The effects, almost cartoonish that time collects with the help of a high speed camera capturing all of the low grade explosions. Who would have thought?  In hindsight, this is every young boys dream!

American born Alan Sailer has a way of making art of destruction. “It’s easier to destroy than it is to build. “ This is something my Pop would tell us as kids using the examples of messing up our bedroom and taking twice as long to launder.

Alan shows that artistic twist that objects form once they yield to the equation of combustion plus interrupted inertia equals…Voila.

alan sailer art 33

alan sailer mr potatoe head

alan sailer art exploding

alan sailer artist 22234

alan sailer artist

alan sailer artist322

-Clifton Bullock

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