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 alex ember photography

In a world awash with quick digital fixes and photo retouching, San Francisco-based photographer Alex Ember remains stubbornly loyal to a slowly disappearing format: slide film. When projected onto a wall, as is often done by Ember in his music-accompanied performances, slide film has a vibrant, almost psychedelic brilliance that lends itself well to Ember’s chaotically patterned, filled-to-the brim aesthetic.

Ember makes several types of photographs. There are single images, and layered images that he calls “remixes.” To create the “remixes,” Ember either combines two of his own slides, or one of his slides with a found slide. Although he now scans the layered slides to make prints, the idea for “remixes” came from sandwiching slides together in a projector. Layering the photos is like a primeval Photoshop. They are an ode to a kaleidoscopic world that is vibrating and humming and singing and alive with color, pattern, and magic.

The show “You, Me, We” will debut Alex Ember’s new works from his latest road trip around the U.S. in San Francisco on April 25, from 5-10 pm at 1307 Gallery on Fillmore Street. There will be an Artist Commons live auction, taco truck, and raffle.

For more information visit Alex Ember’s website, details of the event here.

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-Linda Green

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