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Xuan Alyfe artist

A wall painting from Xuan Alyfe is like a beautiful untarnished piece of organized graffiti, placing shapes, colors and ideas together all on a canvas that’s built to last. His newest creations are set to both a relaxed mood with cool sea like shades of blue, and to one of heavy vibrance featuring a stunning magenta in the background in complete contrast to it’s blue counterpart.  The stagnate objects that make up much of his work like arrows, circles, and squiggly lines have so much potential energy it almost seems like they’re moving, and his affinity for flashing green lights would surely even have Gatsby interested, masking the mundaness of the blank wall behind.

Xuan Alyfe artist2


Xuan Alyfe artist22

Xuan Alyfe artist2143

-Kingsley Pascal

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