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Tomokazu Matsuyama ARTIST

The constantly shifting landscape of a collage is infused with a sense of deliberation when passing through the artistic filter of Tomokazu Matsuyama.  Born in Tokyo in 1976 and currently working out of New York, Matsuyama possesses a style which is unique in that most lines are absent, creating the vibrant interplay between subjects and colors present in works such as 2010’s “The Future is Always Bright.” Such an effect is achieved, perhaps more accurately, in 2011’s “Thousand Regards”, which creates a number of birds using shapes and sharply contrasting colors.   Matsuyama also appreciates the effect of the well-orchestrated placement of lines, evident in 2009’s “Glancin’ at the Twin Peak,” which is a clear indicator of a versatile style.

Tomokazu Matsuyama artist2

Tomokazu Matsuyama art22

Tomokazu Matsuyama arti322

Tomokazu Matsuyama arti3234

Tomokazu Matsuyama ARTISwT

-Aaron Groome

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