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Teppei Kaneuji ARTIST33

The most potentially pretentious and annoying area of art is the realm of found objects, which are usually everyday objects turned on their side or with a streak of spray paint in hopes of making a statement.  This is not true for the work of Teppei Kaneuji, however.  Works such as 2011’s “White Discharge” series contains a large collection of found art placed in interesting arrangements and glued together.  Kaneuji’s work isn’t limited to found art, and another aspect of his creativity can be seen in 2009’s “Tower” series, which features small images of shapes, colors and random objects superimposed over the image of a brick building and placed on a 30 minute loop on a video screen.  Kaneuji’s work is equally playful and clever, and offers a refreshing and unique perspective.

teppei_kaneuji ARTIST

Teppei Kaneuji ARTIST

Teppei Kaneuji art332

-Aaron Groome

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